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    Our philosophy for electrical controls design is to focus on making each project as simple and reliable as possible. Each project is carefully considered to determine the appropriate level of technology to use. Customer input is of paramount importance and every effort is made to match and exceed the customer's design specifications.

    Our design capabilities include FPGA, microprocessor, and DSP based controls. Serial, USB, Ethernet, and Wireless communications can be incorporated into projects. Components can range from through hole to fine pitch SMT and BGA parts. We can supply keypads and displays as well for projects requiring a manual operator interface.

    We do both hardware and software design in house. Hardware design is done using OrCAD for both schematic and PCB layout. Embedded firmware design is done in both C/C++ and assembly. We also offer GUI design for those projects which require an operator interface to the hardware/firmware; GUI applications are typically done using Visual Basic.

Schematic Capture of a Design
Example of a Typical Schematic
Printed Circuit Board Layout
Example of a Typical Printed Circuit Board

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