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     The majority of the products developed at IEC are manufactured in our high volume assembly plant in China. Initial product runs and low volume complex products are typically done at our headquarters in Ohio. Prototyping, trouble shooting, and final Quality Control are also performed locally. The close working relationship between the production staff and engineering team is unique to IEC and is one of the advantages we provide to our clients. IEC's business solutions are customized to our clients' need, and are real-time, low-cost, high-performance.

    All circuit boards produced by IEC are subject to electrical and functional testing before shipping. Burn-in tests are also provided as required by the client's design and testing specifications. Test procedures are designed to be rigorous to guarantee the quality of the finished product.

Surfacemount Line
Surfacemount Pick and Place Machines

Computerized Test Fixture
Programmable test fixture used for verification of final product

Production Floor at our Copley, Ohio Facility
Production floor while work is underway

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